We're glad to see Nintendo agrees with us. Wii Sports Club Golf is by far our favourite of the remastered editions of the classic Remote wigglers, and we've been rewarded for our love with the entirety of the 9-hole Wii Sports Resort course - offered free of charge.Name:  ni3.jpg
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eurogamer spotted that the previously Japan-only update has been extended to Europe - just turn on the game and you'll be prompted to download the update, which brings the total number of playable holes to 27. You can also now play a full 18-hole round made up of the Wii Sports Resort course and either of the originals.

Nintendo of America today announced that users in its region will get another free weekend of Wii Sports Club - hopefully Europe will follow suit so that we can all play a round together, like a big golf cult. Or something nicer than that implies.