The tutorial that cybersam created but everytime i try it this happens.

In your tutorial section it says
"make sure you have a drive "C" (windows users should be ok... for max and linux users... use a virtual machine... or use another pc with windows on it (preferably windows 7 or below with .net 4 installed))
then make sure you don't have a folder/directory called "EterniaCrystal" on that drive... if you do... delete it"

I do that then it says this when i try to save it
"System.Exception: File does not exist!
at ISOLib.IOPackage.RWStream.ReadWriter(String path, Boolean
isBigEndian, FileMode the FileMode, FileAccess the FileAccess,FileShare
the FileShare)
at ISOLib.IOPackage.RWStream..ctor(String path, boolean
at EterniaCrystal.WriteFile.saveFile(MainWindow main)
at EterniaCrystal.MainWindow.MainForm_SaveFile(Object sender,
RoutedEventArgs e)"

Could you suggest any ideas on how to fix this issue?