New map, new mode, new items for all characters, no cash needed
EA will release the first Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC tomorrow, 18th March, adding a new map, mode and customisation options to the game's superb but slender launch offering. Regional prices are as follows: £0.00, $0.00 and €0.00. Don't mind if we do, Popcap.

The new mode is the Gnome Bomb, in which an explosive spawns somewhere on the map and must be transported to a drop-off point. The new map is Chomp Town, which can be experienced in Garden Ops, Team Vanquish and Gnome Bomb - alas, Gardens and Graveyards doesn't get a look in. There are 24 new abilities and over 100 new customisation options, including a Death Star-style converging ray attachment for Sunflowers.

Here's a trailer, featuring the vocal talents of Major Larry of Hryb. Catch our Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review for more on this spring's second-best shooter. In other news: I don't think EA deserves another Golden Poo.