Our latest issue swoops into stores - cover and contents right this way
Hold our latest issue up to a German Shepherd, and there's a good chance the animal will recoil in terror, bristling and snapping at your fingers. How to explain this behaviour? It's all the fault of the Batman, whose latest (greatest?) game, Arkham Knight, is this month's UK cover star.

Resident Wayne scholar Aoife went to see Arkham Knight at Rocksteady HQ early in the month, and has penned a nine-page preview that's bursting with developer comments, gameplay insights and brand new images. It's the definitive introduction to Batman's first Xbox One game, executed with a merciless precision worthy of the Dark Knight himself.

There's also our very first look at Trials Fusion, the latest incarnation of Redlynx's legendary arcade racing series. Log flew to Finland to inspect it, and the going is good so far: you'll read thoughts on the revised level editor, new modes, the Infinity track generator and what it's like to drive a quadbike through Fusion's glistening, highly destructible sci-fi universe.

Elsewhere in the new mag, Chris Schilling explores the future of Gears of War, now in the hands of Microsoft's core gaming powerhouse Black Tusk Studios, while Jonty speaks to Xbox One hardware director Boyd Multerer about the console's launch, upset over game resolution, and how the machine will evolve in the coming months. That's in addition to previews for EA Sports UFC, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Sniper Elite 3 and Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Our free gifts this month are a separate 32 page Xbox One handbook, and a massive World of Tanks guide, tucked into the back of the mag. The latter is a must-read for fans of the game - it contains extensive tips for the maps, modes, tank upgrades and classes. There's also a credits-earning guide, to help you level up without recourse to the microtransactions system.

As ever, you can order the new issue online here, or download a digital copy (which obviously doesn't include the free gift) from iTunes, Zinio and Google Play. You can also subscribe on iTunes to receive our latest issue free, or take out a print subscription.

Print OXM subscriptions are presently up to 25% off as part of Future's Spring Sale, as it happens, so now is an especially good time to invest. We hope you enjoy the issue.Click image for larger version. 

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