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Two Worlds 1 - God Like Save - Single Player
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    big smile Two Worlds 1 - God Like Save - Single Player


    So I have seen tons of posts all over the web with people asking someone to make a single player modded save for Two Words 1. This is mine, and I have used it for years though now I am releasing it here. I had shared it with a few friends a while back with the agreement that they would never share it online with others. A lot of people like to take things & lay claim to them as their own. Well after all this time I figured I would be nice & release it now for anyone still looking for a good starter save. This is my own personal modded starter save. Very little has been done in it, and you will have way more then enough points to spend & use. I have not modded the gold or other items mainly just stat points & so on. Please do not report this as your own, if you do post it then please give me credit for it.


    My first post of this is on Modio http://www.game-tuts.com/modio/games...3efbc11e21c552


    Game Name: Two Worlds
    Game Type: Modded
    Location: Start Area

    I have created this save for anyone interested in playing with a God like character. Not much has been done in this game so its great for even those starting for the first time. You will start with 1010 points in Vitality, Dexterity, Strength, and Willpower. You will also have 5988 points left over so that you can add more to what ever you like though doubtful you will need them. I have spent a few of the 9999 skill points but to get your first achievement for them just go to one of the guys who allow you to unlearn skills, and relearn & spend the points on them. Gold & other items have not been modded. I figured you would be fine on your own to gain any extras with your God like stats.

    If you like this save & use it them please click "Like". Also if you repost it on other sites or applications then please give me credit. It is doubtful you will find any other saves for the single version of this game any where.


    Please use the modio link to get the save file.


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