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[News] How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips
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    How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

    Troubleshooting the most common installation problems
    n this brave new connected world, there are few things more arduous than waiting for a progress bar to reach 100%. It's a necessary evil, but there are ways to minimise your mental torture if you know how. Here's a few ways to speed up the installation process and troubleshoot any common problems you might encounter along the way.

    Sometimes Xbox Live can interfere with the from-disc installation, and can even slow down the entire process. To speed up the root installation and avoid the risk of any delays, disconnect from Xbox Live, install the game and then reconnect to Xbox Live. Here's how you do it:Name:  xxxbox pic.jpg
Views: 213
Size:  21.9 KB1. Disconnect your Xbox One console from Xbox Live by either unplugging your ethernet cable from the back of the console or select "Disconnect Wireless" from the Network sub-menu in the console's Settings section.
    2. Power cycle your Xbox One console by holding down the Xbox button on the front of the console for ten seconds.
    3. Restart your Xbox One console and let the game install.
    4. Reconnect to Xbox Live. Be aware that you may be prompted to install an update for the game after you reconnect to Xbox Live.

    When you first insert a game disc into your console, it'll check to see whether the game is already installed. If it isn't, you'll be prompted to go ahead with the install by going to My Games and Apps, and manually selecting the game that you want to use. Once the process has begun, you'll see the progress bar just below the game's logo. You can also prioritise or pause downloads from the My Games and Apps menu to make sure the download you want is the one that finishes first.

    If your on-disc installations are running smoothly, but you're having problems downloading or installing a game or app directly from Xbox Live, first off make sure that you are connected to the internet, to the service and signed in with the profile that originally purchased the content. To do this go to the console's Settings menu, select Network, and then under Current network status, you'll be able to see whether you're connected to Xbox Live and the strength of your local connection.

    Then, make sure that you have enough space on your hard drive to install the content. If everything is a-ok and the download still isn't finishing up, you may have to do a little further digging. I've recently had apps get stuck on 100% download and still fail to install. If this happens, the trick seems to be to uninstall the app entirely, search for it again from the online Store, and starting the download again from scratch.

    If you're still stalling, go to your notifications at the left of your home screen (or simply say "Xbox, go to notifications" to go straight there). Double-check to see if there are any notifications about low or unavailable hard drive space - the console should alert you when you're running low. If there is one there, you'll have to delete something to free up space. To do that, go to My Games and Apps, select the ones you want to delete, press the menu button whilst hovering over its icon and select uninstall. Whilst choosing items to delete, bear in mind that games will take up way more space than apps.

    Fix the problem? Check out the Xbox Support page for further solutions to the most commonly encountered troubles, or let us know below and we'll attempt to sort it out together.
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    Re: How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

    Awesome share thumbs. Going to give this a try with watch dogs when it comes out

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    Re: How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

    definitely something im going to keep in minds and bookmarked while im at it
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    Re: How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

    Great share thumbs gotta try it out :D
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    Re: How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

    So basically:
    Minimise read/write operations while installing by blocking the the servers which will fill up caches on your hdd with ads and garbage.
    Instead of having an efficient maintenance utility, just delete the app and redownload it, bandwidths free and infinite right?
    Don't touch the machine while installing, your interaction only slows the process.

    Sorry, you paid how much for this thing?

    Surprised you can't play while it's installing, given the blu-ray read speed is the speed of derp. A solidstate drive would likely slash install times.
    I bet it's encrypting the shit while it does it anyway, the ps3 does that and you can tell when it does it because the save progress bar freezes at 50% while it processes then shoots to 100%.
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    Re: How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

    Good to know, I will have it in mind. Great shared thumbs32
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