4J drops long-awaited patch
Minecraft Xbox 360 update 14 should be with you right now, assuming all has gone to plan. As revealed by 4J Studios in the small hours, the roll-out began at 9am UK time - the update may take a while to filter through to all Xbox Live territories.

What's in update 14? Oodles. I've republished the full patch notes down the page - stand-out features include various Quartz items, for that extra-luxurious, neo-classical glow, Temples that harbour both treasure and traps, and a range of Villager professions, including - Zombie Villagers! Eek. Give it a once-over, why don't you.Name:  miner.jpg
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Size:  60.2 KBMinecraft Xbox 360 update 14 - March 26th 2014

New items
Emerald Ore
Block of Emerald
Ender Chest
Tripwire Hook
Enchanted Golden Apple
Flower Pot
Cobblestone Walls
Mossy Cobblestone Walls
Wither Painting
Baked Potato
Poisonous Potato
Golden Carrot
Carrot on a Stick
Pumpkin Pie
Night Vision Potion
Invisibility Potion
Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz Ore
Block of Quartz
Quartz Slab
Quartz Stair
Chiseled Quartz Block
Pillar Quartz Block
Enchanted Book

New features and tweaks
- Added new recipes for Smooth Sandstone and Chiseled Sandstone.
- Added new Mobs - Zombie Villagers.
- Added new terrain generation features - Desert Temples, Desert Villages, and Jungle Temples.
- Added Trading with villagers.
- Added Anvil interface.
- Added sideways log placement.
- Changed placement of half blocks and other blocks on half blocks.
- Changed placement of upside down stairs and slabs.
- Wooden Buttons and Wooden Pressure Plates can be activated with Arrows.
- Can dye leather armor.
- Can dye wolf collars.
- Can control riding a pig with a Carrot on a Stick.
- Added different villager professions.
- Villagers spawned from a spawn egg will have a random profession.
- Furnaces can use wooden tools as a fuel.
- Ice and Glass panes can be collected with silk touch enchanted tools.
- Nether mobs can spawn in the Overworld from Portals.
- Creepers and Spiders are aggressive towards the last player that hit them.
- Mobs in Creative mode become neutral again after a short period.
- Remove knockback when drowning.
- Doors being broken by zombies show damage.
- Ice melts in the Nether.
- Cauldrons fill up when out in the rain.
- Pistons take twice as long to update.
- Pig drops Saddle when killed (if has one).
- Sky color in The End changed.
- String can be placed (for Tripwires).
- Rain drips through leaves.
- Levers can be placed on the bottom of blocks.
- TNT does variable damage depending on difficulty setting.
- Book recipe changed.
- Boats break Lily Pads, instead of Lily Pads breaking Boats.
- Pigs drop more Porkchops.
- Slimes spawn less in Superflat worlds.
- Creeper damage variable based on difficulty setting, more knockback.
- Fixed Endermen not opening their jaws.
- Added new Host Options for flying, invisibility and invulnerability for remote players.
- Added teleporting of players (using the player menu in-game).
- Furnace will return an empty bucket when fueled by a bucket of lava.
- Updated Bonus Chest content with more items.
- Added new tutorials to the Tutorial World for new items and features.
- Updated the positions of the Music Disc Chests in the Tutorial World.
- Updated all texture packs and mash-up packs with new TU14 additions.
- Changed the gray wool texture for City Texture Pack to be more like a road surface.

- Fixed a crash with Maps in Item Frames which happened when players were in the Nether or The End
- Fixed Chest locks showing through walls at a distance
- Fixes a couple of crashes related to the player's banned level list
- Some lighting fixes
- Fix to Blazes so they go on fire before shooting fire charges
- Fix to allow drinking milk in Creative mode
- Fix to allow split screen players to see Splash Potion particles
- Fix to stop the held item being replaced with the first item in the Quick Select on exiting The End.
- Fixed an issue with throwing an Ender Pearl while travelling to The Nether or The End
- Fixed the active time for Wooden and Stone Buttons.
- Fixed a crash with Dispensers and Fire Charges
- Fixed a crash with local profiles in the Help & Options menu
- Corrected the leaves obtained using silk touch on Jungle trees