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[News] New Alien: Isolation details - Xbox One trigger rumble, Alien survival tips
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    New Alien: Isolation details - Xbox One trigger rumble, Alien survival tips

    Careful where you point that torch
    Suspense is all about the little things, and they don't come much littler than the rumble triggers inside Xbox One's controller. Well, they probably do actually. Killer plague microbes, for instance. But why worry about killer plague microbes, when there's a slimy bundle of jet-black hoover attachments stampeding towards you, hell-bent on tearing your ribcage in two?

    Creative Assembly has said a little more on the offical forums about its plans for Alien: Isolation, including unspecified plans for the Xbox One's triggers. "We'll have rumble feedback on all platforms that support it," reads a post by Mark Angus, lead audio designer. "The next-gen platforms offer up some interesting updates to the standard rumble functionality that we'll look to take advantage of."

    Here's an idea from me: via carefully timed pulses, the controller will simulate the grating of the Alien's teeth against the vertebrae in your back. Ooh, immersive!Name:  alien.jpg
Views: 61
Size:  24.4 KBn other news, here's a bit more intel on the Alien's AI. It can see torch beams, and is capable of tracking them to their source. "The torch doesn't just magically attract the alien if you use it but it makes it more likely the alien will see you," writes Vinh-Dieu Lam, gameplay programmer.

    "If you shine it down a corridor and the alien sees the spot where it hits even if you are a long way away, it will come investigate and work out where the torch came from." Eep.

    "Our warning to [previewers] about the torch was because they were hiding and looking out, shining the torch [from] the cover they were hiding behind," he went on. "And [they] were surprised it found where they were because it saw the light on the wall."

    Scary enough for you? Here's something a little less terrifying: Alien Isolation doesn't have microtransactions, according to the Examiner, though it does have an item crafting system, in which you combine materials such as "gel" to create things that might distract or deter your adversary.

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    Re: New Alien: Isolation details - Xbox One trigger rumble, Alien survival tips

    game looks just as awesome as the movie was if not better :)
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