Delay was to fix up the animations, apparently
Heads up, Battlefield 4 Premium members! The game's delayed Naval Strike DLC finally has boots on the ground - welcome news indeed, given that it was recently tipped to roll out in early April. The download may take a while to become available in all territories, as ever.

According to a blog post, DICE held back release "to address issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations". The DLC contains four new maps, five new weapons, a hovercraft, 10 assignments and the new Carrier Assault mode, which is a bit like Titan Assault from Battlefield 2142. Catch screenies below.
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ID:	14432One forthcoming Battlefield 4 DLC pack, Dragon's Teeth, is rumoured to add a two-handed ballistic shield to the mixture. I like shields, personally. They have two key advantages in a firefight: (1) they never run out of ammo, and (2) they're easy to aim. What else would you add to Battlefield 4, in terms of weapons and gizmos and so forth?