Just what exactly is the "SHINASUTIMIKIRA Project"?
Deathsmiles developer and former Cave head Makoto Asada has released a teaser site for his mystery Xbox One game, "SHINASUTIMIKIRA Project", which is being developed at 5pb subsidiary MAGES. Asada appears to have his own team now, "Div8" - the latter's logo is a skull and shotguns motif. That's about all there is to go on.

Asada quit Cave in September 2013 in order to continue to work on consoles. "Cave had announced that they were going to take a break from consoles and stuff that goes directly to the consumer, and that's really what I enjoy about what I do," he explained to Siliconera shortly afterwards.

"When I was going to quit Cave, about 10 companies contacted me to see if I was interested in joining them. Out of [those companies], MAGES had the best deal. Our president offered me the opportunity to explore and really do something interesting."

There's at least one big Japanese Xbox One exclusive we don't know about - recently promoted Head of Xbox Phil Spencer keeps dropping hints, the saucy devil. The Asada project may not be that game - 5pb doesn't appear to have a track record of creating headline exclusives.

Asada recently worked on Constant C, an XBLA robot puzzler from IGS that's on sale now. Here's a trailer.Name:  xxxbbb1.jpg
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