I've noticed there are a lot of mod tools that can add items into the game like for example : The dark souls save editor which you can add pretty much any item into the game if you wanted to.

I just wanted to know if anyone tried to do this with Forza 4 at any point in time without charging anyone *cough* horizon *cough*
With that being said I did download a modded version of horizon which lets me mod almost all the games on there yet the Forza save editor on it does not want to even open(error messages pop up, my guess is the files are not there)...and this goes for a few other popular ones on there too.

If anyone has any info on how to possibly add cars (the unicorn ones to be specific because it would be kind of silly to do all that work when there are save editors that mod in money so you can buy any car you wanted) I would be very grateful