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Achievement modding help.
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    Achievement modding help.

    As the title states, I plan on modifying my achievements on my Xbox acc. Now I don't plan on going crazy. I have a small list and some reasons (whether y'all find them justifiable or not). What I need though is pics of 100% -ed achievements for the games I list in the order that they would have been acquired legit (ie. no game complete achievements before level complete achievements or boss beat achievements before his area location found achievements). So basically if you have 100%-ed my listed games legit (plus dlc) or know someone who has, please screen cap, or type out the list in their order so I can unlock mine in a slightly different order. Thanks in advance for any help I get!


    Borderlands 1&2 and Mirrors edge: 100% on ps3 and my other acc which became my girlfriends.

    MGR Revengeance and Deus ex: HR: 2 of my favorite games. Beat DEHR repeatedly so I'm only missing a couple but don't feel like doing more complete playthroughs. Nearly 100%-ed MGRR but find rocket soldiers in higher difficulties to be cheap and extremely hard.

    Skyrim: I have played for soooooo long and don't know when I will get some of the achievements I am missing. Also I no longer will have it come april 25th because my sister would like to play it.

    2 Dark souls achievements weren't obtainable due to my game glitching but I have the others don't need anything for this game.
    So yeah. That's everything. I think total my GS will only be going up 470 or something like that. Again, I need achievements for the dlc as well pretty please and thank you all oh so very much!
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