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Possible to backup digital games?
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    Possible to backup digital games?

    Please let me know if I am posting in the wrong area.

    I have quite a few digital download games on my Xbox (both arcade and GoD) from when they were on sale for $2-$5. When the inevitable happens, Microsoft closes Xbox live on the 360, I wont be able to redownload those games when my 500gb HDD and/or 360 eventually breaks down. So, to keep playing those near freebies, I was wondering if there was a way to backup the games to a computer or something somehow so I can replop em on my hard drive later? Or should I buy more Hdd's as backups? Or would it be better to jailbreak the Xbox or whatever its called to then be able to torrent and place em on? I was planning on getting a 720gb HDD soon because my 500gb is running low on space and I dont even have my discs installed yet or any music, vids, ect., just games so I would have 2 backup HDD's anyways, one 250gb, and then my 500gb. Yes 500gb and 720gb are 3rd party that have done really well. If there are programs or ways, could y'all post links to instructions, vids, whatever or post yourself? Thanks alot for any bit of help. I know I am stupid for buying digital but I have definitely gotten my moneys worth from them already.

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    Re: Possible to backup digital games?

    Microsoft isn't going to close xbox live. Just because the 360 is going to be dated doesn't mean xbox live will no longer be available. I wouldn't worry too much about this.

    If you really insist on making a backup of the downloaded game then I think you're going to have to hook up the HDD to your computer and use a tool that can then read the content, but not sure about this.
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    Re: Possible to backup digital games?

    You can backup your games onto a flash drive and then download either Horizon, Modio, Ellipse, Xport 360 or Xbox360 Infinity Tools to transfer your games from the flash drive to your computer.

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    Re: Possible to backup digital games?

    Like the actual games? The 254mb-6.7gb games? If so, that will be awesome. Then I can just place em back on a new HDD later? I know its still probably a looong time til theres no xXbox Live on the 360. Just figured I would be prepared. :)



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