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Giant Shark Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 found - video within
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    Giant Shark Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 found - video within

    Rumours of giant Fonz unconfirmed and made up by TotalXbox.com writer
    Battlefield 4 may have been released all the way back in October, but it turns out the game has been hiding a rather large easter egg in its waters. Rather literally in fact, as this week the BF community rallied around to uncover that a Megalodon - or as another way to put it: a giant shark.

    DICE had been teasing that there was a sneaky surprise hidden in one of the maps for some time thanks to a Swedish video interview with senior producer Aleksander Grøndal who said there was a secret that had not been discovered yet that "anyone who's on the server at the time will notice" You can see the interview at the 4:00 minute mark in the following video from YouTuber JackFrags:
    Naturally, this sparked a months long search for the easter egg, with players hunting for clues for months, including a special dog tag that was added into the game by DICE further teasing the secret. It wasn't until this week that the secret was finally discovered on the Paracel Storm map (EDIT: As commenters ako89 & Sean Ellis point out, it was actually the Nansha Strike map from the recent Naval Strike DLC - apologies!) , and requires ten players to all cram around a magical buoy. Here's the video evidence, once again from JackFrags:
    As the late Steve Irwin would say, Crikey! It's not the first time DICE have played around with Easter Eggs in the Battlefield series - you may remember Ed's chat with DICE last year on the possibility of Dinosaurs in Battlefield 3's End Game pack.
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    Re: Giant Shark Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 found - video within

    I have to see it for myself :D great here
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    Re: Giant Shark Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 found - video within

    WELL. That's one helluva reason to get Premium. And that reason will never go away.
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