The developer’s new project will apparently make you forget how good RESOGUN was.

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Housemarque Games has been busy with DLC for its hit PlayStation 4 shooter RESOGUN but that’s not all – the developer has been teasing a new project on Twitter that will be far superior.
“Imagine RESOGUN, right? Now imagine it so much better that you almost forget how good the original was. That. Is. Coming.”
Naturally one would assume this is RESOGUN 2, right? However, regarding when there would be more information on RESOGUN 2, Housemarque responded, “there’s no RESOGUN 2.”
So a new IP that will be superior to RESOGUN? This seems to fit in line with earlier reports that Housemarque is working on an unannounced PS4 title along with DLC for RESOGUN. Lately, the developer has been busy bringing Dead Nation to the next gen console with the recently released Apocalypse Edition.