Now you can spawn Mooshrooms in peace
Minecraft updates have bugs in much the same way that Strongholds are home to Silverfish - filthy, geography-defiling vermin, lurking within blocks to infest your nightmares with their bites and scuttling noises. Back, you icky tunnelling demons! Back to the algorithmically generated hell from whence you came!

Minecraft bugs probably won't give rise to nightmares, mind you, unless the idea of an animal climbing over a wall sends you into a catatonic spiral. If that's the case, breathe easy - 4J Studios has released another Minecraft update, designed to fix problems with last month's title update 14. Here's the changelog. Bear in mind that it may take a while to become available in all regions.
Minecraft Xbox 360 update 15

- Fix for blocks reappearing after they are mined.
- Fix to random fall damage issue.
- Fix for slow chunk loading speed.
- Fix for Maps not correctly display at the game start.
- Fix for splitscreen audio issues.
- Fix for blocks not always showing damage in splitscreen.
- Fix for Enderdragon sounds.
- Changed Zombies rare loot drop to be Carrots, Potatoes or Iron Ingots.
- Fix for problems spawning Chickens, Wolves & Mooshrooms.
- Fix for problem causing first item in the quickselect bar to sometimes move to the inventory on opening the inventory.
- Changed repairing tools in the Inventory to only allow tools that are not enchanted (since you'd lose the enchantment).
- Fix for villager eggs in a dispenser not producing random professions.
- Fix for Iron Golems not stopping their attack when they've killed a skeleton.
- Fix for issue when players teleported while riding a pig or a minecart
- Fix for animals climbing Cobblestone walls.
- Fix for attaching fences to cobblestone wall.
- Fix for Invisibility potion not making sheep completely invisible.
- Fix for gamertag being visible when using an invisibility potion.
- Fix for tamed wolves with invisibility becoming visible when swimming in water.
- Fix to let bonus chests spawn in pre-TU14 worlds.
- Fix to issue causing stationary network players to oscillate between two slightly different positions.
- Fix for unsynchronised audio.
- Fixed chatpad input on Anvil.

What, you read all the way to the bottom? I prostrate myself to your dedication to bug-fixing, adventurer. Please accept these nebulous comments about the Xbox One version's release date as a token of my esteem.