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At PAX East, The Behemoth revealed that it has a new project in the works for Xbox One titled Game 4″. This isnt the official name for the same and theres more information to be had at PAX Prime and San Diego Comic Con. But the above piece of art is the only thing the studio provided.
Remember not to make direct eye-contact with it.
The Behemoth has been responsible for quite a number of games including Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and their most recent title was Battleblock Theater for the Xbox 360 which released last year.
What could Game 4″ be? There really is no indication of that but for the most part, The Behemoths games usually stay exclusive to Microsofts platforms before heading to PC or Mac so this will be a benefit to the Xbox One. You can expect to play Game 4″ some time this year so stay tuned for more details.