Screws, HDD covers, nuts, you name it.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have announced that they have now started selling spare parts for the PS4 separately in the market, but so far, this nifty new “deal”, shall we say, is only available in Japan. If you’re west of the Japanese coast, well, tough luck. You might have to wait. But then again, you might never get PS4 spare parts in your life.
Since they’ve only just started this new venture, there’s only a limited few parts on sale right now. These parts include the HDD bay cover, the HDD bay bracket, a screw set for the bracket and a power cord for the PS4 system itself.
The bay cover will cost 1000 yen, which is approximately around $10. The HDD bay bracket will cost 500 yen, the screw set will cost 250 yen and the power cord will cost 450 yen.
Sony has already been selling PS3 spare parts in Japan successfully for some time now, so we’re hoping they’ll start doing this in the west too.