Ubisoft has announced that its release of Ghost Recon Online, now known as Ghost Recon Phantoms, is out on the PC, and you can download it via Steam.
The Phantoms upgrade adds new character and weapon skins for all classes, a a new background story and a new interface. Three of the maps have also received an upgrade in the for of better design and improved lighting. Matchmaking has also been improved, and low level players will be allowed to use better weapons sooner now.
“Steam is always a cornerstone of the distribution strategy of any PC tactical team-based game like Ghost Recon Phantoms,” said producer Corey Facteau. “The additional exposure we are getting through Steam will further increase our already 5-million-strong user base.
“For PAX East attendees, we will be at the Ubisoft booth where you can meet members of the development team as well as get hands-on time with Ghost Recon Phantoms. We will also be present in other gaming events in Europe, where we will organize exhibition matches between MOBA and FPS pro teams, to demonstrate our unique team-based gameplay.”
As we mentioned above, it’s out now, so you can download it if you please.