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South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set
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    South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    Had this hosted on another site for awhile but wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Hope you enjoy!!


    These Saves will work WITHOUT the Fellowship DLC. (CONFIRMED by Famocity) Thanks!!

    Ok guys and gals this is my first Legit Save Set. I wanted to share with u guys so i apologize if its got some issues. Any feedback is appreciated and I will UPDATE accordingly if feasible. I do encourage everyone to play this game all the way through at least once as its absolutely hilarious and definitively a true South Park experience. I spent all week creating and testing it on my own and with one other trusted friend . These saves are my own please do NOT post/share without asking my permission. This set has all Achievement Gamesaves to earn 1000gs with detailed txt documents on how to earn each achievement in the game very easily with minimal effort.

    Please read the Instructions and Order VERY carefully for each save and this will unlock all 1000gs in legit order on a fresh account provided u have the above listed pre order dlc. I was several hours into the making of this set before I realized that these may NOT load without it As I use some of that gear throughout the set. So I apologize in advance if the set cant work for you. Hopefully it will be available soon enough on the marketplace for a couple bucks. I sincerely want this to be the ONE and ONLY save set that you will ever need for this great game.

    *All CREDIT TO bcool2k and GamerDude

    As always DONT forget to Rehash and Resign with your IDs. I suggest using Horizon.

    I look forward to your feedback.

    *Thanks to XPG and the Following Members for allowing me to host this set on their site:
    crabbycrabcrab, fatpat666, Dack, and especially my good friend GamerDude who was invaluable in helping create saves for this set.

    Please NOTE the following saves will NOT be included in this set as they are cumulative & can be done at anytime. They will most likely pop on load on several of my saves. I take no responsibility for achievements popping out of order and recommend u test them on a dummy account first for safest measures. However, if you follow my instructions and order correctly they will all pop legit.


    Weapon Proficiency= Score 100 Perfect Attacks
    Skilled Defender= Succesfully Block 100 Attacks
    Canadian Handshake= Fart on 100 Enemies Dead or Alive (Can be the same enemy)
    Animal Cruelty= Fart on 25 Animals (Cows and Rats WONT count). Dogs or cats work best.

    I Hope You Enjoy This Amazing Game:)
    Many Thanks to Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Obsidian Entertainment, Ubisoft and their creative teams.

    If i get enough positive feedback i plan on doing some more save sets of some of the popular games out now or in the near future maybe. I am NOT sure yet have to wait and see!!

    Please REP+ LIKE as these Save Sets take ALOT of time and hard work to do properly.

    Mediafire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3i...k+Save+Set.rar

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    Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    This will definitely save me the last remaining 5-7 hours of getting everything else, thank you!

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    Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    Another quality upload, thank you!

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    Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    Thanks this really helped

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    grin Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    thank for the post great stuff

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    Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    Brilliant, thanks :)

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    Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    Thanks for this. I missed one chest preventing me from getting two achievements!

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    Re: South Park Stick of Truth Full Legit 1k Save Set

    Nice work bcool2k keep it up mmmkay.


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