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Project Spark Kode Allies
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    Project Spark Kode Allies

    Just got XB1 and Project Spark. Looking for people to bounce ideas and test kode (spark's codding language) with.
    Made a few grouped objects with multiple effects. Working on an inventory system, since the game does not have one. As well as a randomized loot drop a la diablo. This game is very addicting once you start getting the hang of things. No multiplayer as of yet, but it is going to be added in the future along with achievements. Can record video and upload or save and share to sparks servers for anyone to download. Game is free to anyone with an XB1 and Gold.

    Really anyone that might point me in the right direction would be nice, or I might even be able to help some other people just getting into it.

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    Re: Project Spark Kode Allies

    Sorry couldn't get into it I guess is not my type of game or they try to hard but this game is gonna disappoint a lot of people lol
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    Re: Project Spark Kode Allies

    That could be why it was free, or because its still in beta. Thanks for the thought though.

    I will try to amend this post with useful information regarding kode as I come across it.
    Videos can be uploaded upon request. Also, Kode share does not have proper X1 brain tiles or images implemented yet.

    1. When using multiple pages to store UI or display information, use "Call Page" with either the page name or number instead of "Switch page".
    IMG - http://kodeshare.com/h52zIn
    Doing "Switch Page" will cause what ever you are trying to display to flicker every time it has to switch pages. Doing "Call Page" will not, it appears to be seamless.

    2. When telling an object to be picked up, the kode is reversed.
    IMG - http://kodeshare.com/AdPzRS
    "It" "Pick Up" "Me". Tells the object that the brain is in (Me) to be picked up by whatever (It) interacted with it. In this case the player which we specified in the "When" portion at the beginning.

    3. Gluing objects - After selecting multiple objects you have an option to attach them to each other. Once they are attached, each object will keep its own brain and properties intact, but will not be able to be edited unless unglued. Also if you have all of your selected objects set to "Tumbling" or "Player" physics they will remain, but once glued, the glue physics are automatically set to "Fixed" and will need to be changed. Gluing objects adds another brain and physics property to the items you are gluing as a whole. (This is useful for creating custom items / weapons that you want to be spawned / created by something).

    4. Be careful when giving some items to enemies that are being spawned by collide-able objects. EX : giving a goblin brawler a standard knife and having said enemy spawn from a rock when the player is close. The goblin tends to be launched either through the ground and splashes into the water under the level, or straight at the player and bounces quite far. They also seem to land on their sides and break-dance, unable to stand up. With a bit of tweaking I was able to get them to launch very high in the sky like they were shot from a cannon. Just remember that most of the time they will not be able to stand up and actually attack the player.
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