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What do you want to see in 2k15
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    What do you want to see in 2k15

    .There should be no limits on where we can go in an arena. We should be allowed to jump the barricade, climb on stage objects, get on the side of the ramp and do diving moves off it. Imagine setting someone up onto a table in the crowd and crashing onto your opponent from the exit balcony.
    2.More Weapons
    - Trash Can lids
    - The Bottom Steel Steps (these should no longer disappear)
    - Lead Pipes
    - The Red and Blue Money in the Bank Briefcases
    - Stop Sign
    - Fire Extingusher
    - Lap Top
    - Water Bottle
    - The Announce Table TV Monitar (one time use Weapon)
    - Hornswoggle's Mini Ladder
    - 2x4
    - Barbed Wire
    - Baseball Bat
    - Shopping Cart
    - Thumbtacks
    3.Better story modes within Universe mode IE Backstage storylines.
    4.smarter AI
    5. mini games(ref would hold ur arm up and. Let it down. If u did not hit the pin on the bar sort of like last man standig or pin system u would be considered knocked out,hinting head on steel steps and leg)
    6.buried alive
    7.better universe like gta you can run free
    8.better tables,chairs,leaders
    9.better commentary
    10.more cutsceens
    11.AI and referee standing down more then 10 sec
    12.better submissions Reversing submissions into other submissions.
    Reverse Pins into Submissions
    13.the game where if you work the leg long enough the opponent tries to pick someone up and they fall and grab their leg
    14.fight into crowd
    15.beter online

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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    A My Player/Career type of thing.

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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    Aww man Lmao, I was looking at this like Why would this dude want to see this in 2K15? I was thinking about the basketball game

    yea a A My Player/Career Mode would be cool, your player starts at NXT or whatever it's called and works his way into WWE.
    better character creation, and what you said was good.
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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    Things i don't want to be or get changed in 2k15:

    Graphic: Realistic models, Sweat, bruise, more oiled/shiny body, new Blood texture, realistic looking crowd (Not cloned, every 3,4 guy having the same outfid,Same signs,etc.)
    Sound: Better sound effects when stomping,falling,landing,etc., Voic-Over, 100+ new crowd-chants, Louder & Realistic Crowd Reaction, etc.
    Weapons: Cam, Mic, Monitors from announcer table,etc.
    Roster: Current Roster, 5-7 good rookies from NXT who r about to debut very soon, 15-25 Legends/HOFrs/Free Agents
    New Single Player Mode: Either NXT Career-Mode from Rookie to WWE Superstar or GM Mode
    DLCS: Updated Outfids, Haircuts, Universe Mode PPV-LoadingScreens, Theme Songs, Entrances, Moves,Superstars,Arenas & everything

    -Remove Annoying loading screens: Match should start immediately right after the Entrances & Skip to the Celebration after the match without a loading/black screen. Replays should be played after the celebration.
    -Referee & Announcer standing in the ring at the same time during Entrances.
    -WWE Doc & Announcer sitting on a chair where the ringbell is & should be able to run/walk to the ring if needed. (Injuries,Announcings,etc.)
    -Referee beeing more interactive: Yelling (when getting mad, Rope Break, RingOut,Warning,etc.) Gestures(Pointing Fingers,Shaking Head,etc.), Facial Expression,(Mad:Warning/Yelling, Shoked: If someone peforms finisher & jumps from ladder/cell/cage to opponent/etc. , Hurt:Injured)
    -Selling a move
    -Opponents staying down much longer if the match lasted about 10 mins.
    -Completely new Reversal/Irishwhip/Running/Jumping/Walking/Falling Animations
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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    A better universe mode with gm mode things added to it
    More caw items, weapons, match creator settings

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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    -Better weapons physics, as well as more weapons. Ladders, tables and stairs often look weightless which is a big issue in terms of realism. Wouldn't mind some new weapons like the tall ladder, bottom half of stairs, announce table monitor etc.

    -Minor graphic improvements. One big thing I'd like to see is the stuff from the announcers table stay there after it's removed, as well as stay there when it's been broken (Does it still disappear? tbh it's been a long time since I played the game). Grabbing the ropes for a rope break would be great too. The HIAC break could use an update as well.

    -Have damage play more of a factor in the match. A "red" leg should slow or stop running as well as weaken moves done with that part.

    -Have finishers play more of a role. I'd like to see finishers be used for more than special moves.


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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    A technique rating for pins, holds, and aerial ability.
    For pins, it would make the pins harder to kick out of and give different pinning animations depending on rating. For submissions, it would affect ring awareness(dragging from the ropes before or after starting submission). For aerial maneuvers it would allow the CPU to assess how long an opponent will be staying down and how much time they have to climb the ropes...

    Does the wrestler prefer to bring his opponents to the mat and keep them grounded? Is he a high flyer? Does he take risks(jumps to the outside/off of objects/through objects)? Does he prefer grappling over striking or vice versa? Is his pace methodical or does he try to work matches at full speed? How often will he resort to dirty tactics? Does he prefer to finish matches by submission, pinfall, or even count out? How often does he attempt submissions or pin attempts? Is he willing to get counted out to retain a title or to avoid further damage? Which weapons does he prefer to use, if any? How often does he taunt his opponents?

    An easy system to work out would be something like this.
    (0 being none, 5 being 50% of the time)

    Attempt Grapple(for all 4 directions): 0 - 5
    Attempt Punch: 0-5
    Attempt Kick: 0-5
    Attempt Pin: 0-5
    Attempt Submission: 0-5
    Uses Weapons: 0-5

    These are things 2K has delivered in almost ALL of their sports products. To say I'm excited for this iteration of WWE is saying the least, with 2K on board.

    The damage system could also use a fair amount of work. I would personally like to see more variation to the damages, with darker shades of red indicating more damage. The first darker shade would be a minor injury that can be competed with. The second injury will take a small amount of time to rehab -maybe a week, two weeks of universe mode, depending on the injury. The third an injury that puts a wrestler out of action for 2+ weeks to a month, depending on the injury, the fourth an injury that could sideline the wrestler for a significant period of time - always at least a month, with a maximum of six. The fifth and final darker shade of red would be an injury that will keep him out six months to a year... After that, once a player receives enough damage(like an additional stage) the limb targeting system shows the area as cracked and broken, the match immediately ends, we get a stretcher cutscene or something, and the characters career may be over, or he may be able to rehab his injury in over a years time.

    Superstars recovery rating should play a role in how fast they recover from injury and their toughness ratings should determine what injuries they can wrestle with. Some guys can finish matches with tears or dislocations, others are severely effected by sprained ankles and the like. Toughness should also determine the effect damage has on actions. The tougher you are, the less speed you will lose when your leg is damaged, etc...

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    Re: What do you want to see in 2k15

    Monday night wars GM Mode. Would be awesome, A superstars contract is about the expire, and you have to choice to persuade them to join your brand. Option to invade, but will cost you a hefty fine.

    500 created character slots(this would help above idea)

    Use all Superstars heads in creation mode, and edit their hair(including the Divas)

    Tornado tag in every match type(elimination chamber tag team would be awesome)

    A bunch more ideas that they will never add, so I am going to stop.
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