So we're going down there?
Pictures are generally worth a thousand words, but the below piece of Evolve concept art - discreetly posted to the game's Twitter feed last month - only needs to be worth three: "Underground", "Darkness" and "Insects".

If you've read anything about Turtle Rock's spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead - in which four human mercenaries pit their class-specific abilities against a giant, ravenous mutant - that should be quite enough to have you licking your lips. Or mandibles.Name:  xxxxbbb.jpg
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Size:  39.4 KBTurtle Rock has told OXM that the game's monster line-up won't comprise a bunch of variations on Goliath, the super-bouncy mixture of Godzilla and King Kong that adorns the boxart. According to Turtle Rock's co-founder Phil Robb, "they're different monsters that move very differently and have very different styles of attacks". Design director Chris Ashton has hinted at burrowing abilities. I'm sure I speak for everybody when I say: yaaaaaaaaaaasssss.
There's some text to accompany the artwork on the game's official site. Here you go:

"So we're going down there?" Val asked.

"That's where the monster is," Griffin said, grinning. He looked hungry, feral.

"You got another option, darlin', we're all ears," Hank said.

'I was thinking about a map maybe? A plan?'

"What use, a map?" Markov challenged. "A map is not the cave. And a plan? The plan is fire. Lightning. Steel."

"Yeah. Ok. That's what I figured," Val shrugged. She looked at Griffin. "Lead on, great hunter."

Four jetpacks burned into life, carrying the hunters out, and down. Into the depths of the alien cave where the monster waited for them.

Come - let us shudder appreciatively together. For more on Evolve, read my hands-on or watch the below gameplay video. It's out this autumn.