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[Modded Save] Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule v.4
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    Shout 2 Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule v.4

    I got you guys the hookup. Three Awesome Characters on ONE SAVE! Use the checksum fixer and Horizon to rehash/resign and you'll be good to go.

    1st Character:

    100% Legit Deprived SL140, SM 3.5 Million, Merged Hex/Mundane Build (if you level to 150 you can have a complete mundane build that KILLS with Hexes and Pyro + it can use Magic and Miracles fairly well too / You'll have to go a little above 150 in order to be able to powerstance mundane Avelyn's, but besides that this build is amazing)

    ALSO it's about 90% through with a LEGIT NO DEATH RUN! Just got to Alida's Keep. It has some good gear (Including complete Mad Warrior Set and Dark Beserker Blade +4 and Lightning Claymore +10) but not much of it is upgraded.

    Oh yeah and it's already level 2 in the Covenant of Champions with 6 Awestones in the inventory so you are only 14 Awestones away from the Vanquishers Seal!!!!

    This character is my baby and it's taken awhile to get this far without dying, but I think it'll be done and I'll have one of the invisible rings by the end of the day. I'm going for the legit no bonfire run to get the other invisible ring in NG+ which shouldn't be too bad since I already have over 60 repair powders and my spells will be attuned (I think).

    2nd Character:

    Mostly Legit SL175, SM 5 Million in NG, but with all bosses beaten and ready to go NG+ (just rest at the Majula bonfire). The only thing modded was Fluffyfox added a Bone of Order for me and a couple of other things, but this character is 95% Legit.

    Another Hexer/Mundane Combination.....these really wreck in PVP and you can play with a bunch of different styles and weapons without being one of those Havel Mage douche bags. Best Part if you can respec and hop right into NG+ with whatever you want. Almost all good gear you can get in NG and a good amount is fully upgraded.

    This was my first character and would be 100% legit if I didn't screw up by dropping my Bone of Order and quitting because Lucatiel kept dying at the Smelter Demon (I was going for the achievement) so I kept dashboarding and it banned me from online.....I wasn't quitting PVP matches, I hadn't summoned anyone but NPC's, but it still banned me, but Fluffyfox got me another Bone of Order and it's back to being able to play online.

    3rd Character:

    NOT LEGIT. My variation of the Mega Mule Save. Two of everyone weapon fully upgraded (but not infused), basically infinite items, etc. at the start of NG with enough souls to level you to around 150 (But not be a cheat really because your Soul Memory will be 3 Million so you can't gank). I like modding, but I hate gankers and crappy players who cheat. This is a shortcut build, but it's fair for the most part because you have to fight people around your level instead of having ZERO Soul Memory like the real Mega Mule save and ruining the game and ganking new players.

    If you want to go straight to NG+ on this one wait until Jappi releases his Save Editor OR you can basically run straight to Alida's Keep with the Kings Ring and it shouldn't take more than an hour or two to beat the final boss (You don't have to beat anyone before Alida's Keep).

    ENJOY! and please like if you like!


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    Re: Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule

    They're great save, Thanks a bunch for offering them to the community
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    Re: Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule

    nice modded save share HoldFast
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    Re: Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule

    I thought more people would like this save especially the inclusion of the No Death Run almost completed and the Modified Mega Mule save.

    Remember there are 3 VASTLY different characters on one save. One completely legit almost finished no death run. One legit PVP specific Hex/Mundane Build (extremely flexible and powerful for PVP or PVE) with almost all the gear (a good bit of it fully upgraded legit) that you can start NG+ at any time. And One Mega Mule modified so it's fair and you can test builds against players more your SL, SM and skill so you know if it really works or not (the original Mega Mule forces you to play against low level players so you don't know if your build is working of if the players just don't have the levels or gear to compete). It's a much more responsible and non-game breaking modded save that helps you with harming the community.

    I can't see the reason for any other save to be honest. I'll never make another one, I might modify some things once I get bored on the second and third characters when Jappi releases his save editor (and I get bored with the natural gameplay), but I won't touch the first no death run save, I love the feeling of having a PVP viable, No Death Run viable, 100% legit build that I didn't have any help with. For God's sakes I was in the Covenant of Champions almost the entire run so you almost have a legit Vanquishers Seal and you already have legit Engraved Gauntlets.

    I've since completed the No Death Run and I'm currently going back and fighting optional bosses, farming, and using bonfire ascetics on certain bosses to get NG+ only items........plus I can hop into NG+ with a legit Illusionary Ring of the Conqueror at any time and start my No Bonfire Run. Within the next day or two I'll have every single ring +2 legit, all the boss weapons/armor, and some of the more rare gear sets (I've already got the complete Mad Warrior set with Beserker Blade legit) so if you want I can post an updated version of it just ask.

    I'll also be +3 in the Bell Keeper, Covenant of Champions, Sunbros, Ratbros, and Dragon covenant at least within a day or two legit. Bluebros and Bloodbros will have to wait for NG+ as will the Meek Covanent.

    If you have any requests let me know. I'll have the complete Shadow Set including Gauntlets soon, but I won't be farming the visible Aurous Set or the Monastery Set for awhile (takes WAY too long).

    Please like the post and say thanks if you download the save, I'd appreciate it!

    I've decided I will keep this updated with my No Death Run Character (the other two characters won't change much), but my no Death Run guy (eventually No Bonfire Run too) will have almost all the gear legit which is a saved I'd want. Plus I'll keep the updates at various points in the game so if you are playing legit and your save corrupts or gets messed up you can start at various places. The next one I put up will be right before you start NG+. Then I'll load one with most of the covenants at +3 before NG+. Then I'll try to update my NG+ No Bonfire Run after every single boss so you can start where ever you like.

    I hope everyone enjoys this. It's the best way I can think to contribute at the moment and I'll try to keep this thread alive, I back up my saves a lot so it shouldn't be a problem uploading them and sticking to that plan for NG+ and beyond.

    Like I said if you have any requests just ask and I'll do my best to accommodate, I'll eventually +3 every Covenant and I'll farm just about anything you want (except for the Monastery and Visible Aurous sets, they are overrated and will have to wait awhile).

    Also the current save at the top of the thread is one gesture away from getting the "Gesture Meastro" Achievement, can get the "Lucatiel Storyline" and "Benhart of Jugo Storyline" achievements easily, and is only a couple spells, pyromancies, hexes, and miracles from each of those achievements. So really this is probably one of the best achievement saves out there at the moment. I've gotten every achievement by now and all those were very close after the No Death Run save starts (you will have to use some Bonfire Ascetics to get the sorcery, pyro, hexes, and miracles achievements easily, but that's not hard to do and I can explain how if you want just post and ask or shoot me a PM)

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    Re: Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule

    Wow, impressive share! Great work on the save.

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    Re: Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule

    This save doesn't work bro. I have run the check sum fix and save rehashed and resigned in Horizon. Only thing that shows up is 1 save slot at level 123 called chodebeard that fails to load character data. Not to mention your save will not open in any of the save editors..
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    Re: Dark Souls 2 Save w/ LEGIT SL140 No Death Run + SL175 at NG+ Start + MegaMule

    I gave up on the save I never got it to work.



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