Lately, I've not been able to stop thinking about Mario Kart 8. I never fail to get super excited when a new Mario Kart is announced - it's a game series I've grown up with and it still plays a huge part in my life. It is a game I've always been able to enjoy by myself, completing all the cups, beating time trails and then also be able to have the best time playing against my friends for hours and hours... days in fact. For me, MK is definitely one of the most engaging and enjoyable racing games ever.

A particular reason why I enjoy being a Mario Kart fan is that I always end up wanting to play older games in the series as well as the brand new ones. This isn't because I think the latest games aren't amazing, far from it! It's because every Mario Kart game has its own unique charm.
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ID:	14766For starters, you can't beat the classic, Super Mario Kart! With those blissfully easy controls and before the times of special moves you could just hold down those buttons and go, go, go! I'm pretty sure I'll be playing this game forever.. not least because it's available on Virtual Console. Then Mario Kart 64 introduced us to not only some pretty 3D visuals, but also the famous powerslide, which changed everything.

Then came Mario Kart: Super Circuit, but it was the next in the series that became one of my all-time favourites. Enter, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for the GameCube. Like the games before it, Double Dash is packed with fun courses, but also a noticeably new feature, being able to have two characters in the kart at once. This allowed you to work with a friend, one of you driving and the other throwing the items. You could also pick any character combination. Petey Piranha and Yoshi, Peach and Donkey Kong, even Mario and Bowser! Despite having access to a shiny Wii U, I still play Double Dash on my GameCube even now.
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ID:	14767Mario Kart DS reminded us why handheld Mario Kart is so awesome, adding cool features like blowing into the microphone during the addictive Balloon Battle mode! Mario Kart Wii saw the debut of new vehicles such as motorbikes, which allowed us to pop wheelies for speed boosts. It also introduced us to the Wii Wheel, which gave players the opportunity to really feel like they were in the karting seat. Despite many fans opting for a more classic controller choice, if you used the wheel enough, you earned yourself a little gold wheel icon against your name when playing online. This let other players know you were wheely, wheely good! (ooft sorry, couldn't resist). The online multiplayer for this game was the best we'd had so far and also home to a lot of my favourite Mario Kart tracks ever, such as Coconut Mall, Koopa Cape and Maple Treeway.

That brings us nicely up to date with Mario Kart 7. This offers, in my opinion, the best online karting experience yet with its inclusion of communities, not to mention the new tracks that look really pretty in magical 3D. The game also sends our karts gliding through the air, as well as propelling under water. You can too, for the first time, customise your kart from wheels to glider. It's up to you!Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	14768So there you go, some quick proof that each Mario Kart game offers something new and I'm just scratching the surface with my blog right here. Any fan who has played these games will know just how individual each title is and the sheer amount of fun it offers, and even if you don't own the older consoles, many new Mario Kart games always see the return of retro tracks. This is why I will always continue to get excited when a new MK is announced. I'm so looking forward to Mario Kart 8. From the trailers it looks absolutely stunning and I'm loving the new features. From now until May, I am eager to hear more about what it has to offer. One thing is certain though, I will never get bored of Mario Kart. Ever.