Dead Island mode evolves into full-blown current gen release
Techland's Hellraid - a first-person fantasy action game that began life as a Dead Island mode - will now release on Xbox One in 2015. Announced in April last year, the game has apparently "expanded and evolved thanks to the developers' experience and players' feedback", and will take advantage of the Chrome Engine 6 employed by its stablemate Dying Light.

The game "will remain faithful to its first-person co-op slasher gameplay", according to a press release, but Techland has tuned up the combat system, and you can expect "a new physics-based lighting system, more detailed locations and character models, complex animations, advanced particle effects, and state-of-the-art AI systems".

Hellraid offers three game modes - a story mode, in which you defend the world against the forces of Hell, a mission mode in which players war over leaderboard placings, and an Arena mode in which players fight off waves of demons for all eternity. All of the modes can be enjoyed in single player or with up to three allies.

Customisation options extend to armour, clothing and accessories. There's a non-class-limited skill tree with three main development paths - agility, combat and magic - each of which offers active and passive abilities.

As for the combat, this "now features one- and two-handed melee weapons, shields, magic staves and ranged weapons", and supports "diverse fighting styles, counter-attacks, parrying and dashing abilities". If mashing up hellfiends with an axe strikes you as woefully crude, there are offensive, defensive and healing spells to draw on, and you can use the environment against an enemy - slicing through chains to drop a chandelier, for instance.

They say hell is other people. From the looks of things, it's actually a fearfully pretty labyrinth of death. I think Dying Light is the more promising of the two, but Hellraid might be worth a swing if you've cash to spare. Here's a trailer. Any thoughts?
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