Kevin Spacey! Exoskeletons! Hover bikes!
Well. As soon as we posted that Kevin Spacey will star in this year's Call of Duty, we find out that early footage has been leaked, showing off some of the finer details. Its full title is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Update: Activison has decided to release the official trailer on YouTube, and here it is, captured from Xbox One.

Original Story:Thanks to a "trusted source", Destructoid has revealed that the plot focuses on a mercenary group run by Spacey's character, and has since decided to turn and fight the United States government. It's also set to release on November 4.

While explicit gameplay mechanics haven't been detailed, you can see from these images that characters wear exoskeletons allowing them to leap incredible distances, as well as cloak themselves and climb buildings. Oh, and there are also hover bikes.
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ID:	14807All of this joins the extreme Kevin Spacey close-up, as well as the first leaked image from IGN, and that hat from Game Informer (which, if you watch the video, looks more like a helmet and morphs into shape on a person's face).

There will be more details (if it doesn't come gushing out the sides of the internet) when Activision officially reveals the game this Sunday, May 4.