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Dark Souls II - Modded Characters at SLV 838
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    Dark Souls II - Modded Characters at SLV 838

    Well as of 8/22/14 I've completely rebuilt the save from scratch and now it works when invading with all stats at 99

    Can't Guarantee Xbox version won't get you soft banned at anytime after 8/22/14

    Modded Souls II V19.rar
    Nothing that is DLC
    All weapons
    All shields
    Large Summon Soapsign
    999 red eye orbs
    999 of each of the best boss souls that give the most souls
    +5 Havel set

    Saves included
    the original with legit soul memory
    one with soul memory at 2000 to experiment with
    one with 77840 soul memory which successfully invaded at

    Beast Mode.rar
    And now onto what this save includes
    Contains nothing related to DLC
    Soul Memory 25,000
    also version with 15,000 Soul Memory
    All Weapons + 10
    All Shields +10
    All Bows +10
    All Armor Sets +10
    All rings Except Kings ring
    999 of every Arrows
    999 of every shard
    All Carvings
    999 repair powder
    999 Human Effigy
    999 Pharos Lockstones
    999 Flame Butterfly
    999 Seed of a tree of giants
    999 Sublime Bone Dust
    999 Divine blessings in item box in the slot its equipped to it says 999 but in the inventory menu it's 99 so you have 999 Divine blessings that aren't supposed to be there and don't revert to 99 after using one so you really will have 999 Divine blessings in slot 1
    and much more

    Inventory might be out of place items are messed up in 25,000 version their fixed in 15,000 version and Weapons are in the wrong hand in both
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