The Wii U and 3DS downloads and promotions coming this Thursday
Look, it's a quiet week for eShop, we'll admit, but you can get Trine 2 on sale for £6.99 - you're only allowed to complain if you haven't played that. Agreed? Cool. On we go.

The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll (3DS: Genius Sonority, £8.99) is the third installment of the augmented reality JRPG that's been worming its way across the eShop for a couple of years now. The newest edition features a more sizeable life sim element and probably even more funky leotards for your tiny squad to wear.

Abyss (Wii U: EnjoyUp, £1.79) is an exploration platformer with the style of Knytt Underground and the price tag of a sharing bag of crisps.

Volleyball (Wii U Virtual Console: Nintendo, £3.49) is one of the many sports games Nintendo tried out on the NES and never touched again. Make of that what you will.

Clu Clu Land (3DS Virtual Console: Nintendo, £3.59) is a NES puzzle-maze game that plays out somewhere between Pac-Man and one of those sped-up Benny Hill chase sequences.

Candy Match 3 (3DS: Bigben Interactive, £7.19) is a Match-3 game, which you'd never have guessed from that name.