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Watch Dogs Modding
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    Watch Dogs Modding

    Hey guys I've been trying to mod watch dogs money and not been successful yet. Problem I found was that every time I loaded my save the cash value was different.

    For example I was saving to my HDD then transferred the file to my USB for modding. The file on my HDD had $71503. When I loaded it off my USB it had $71526. I tried modding the money using the same system as assassins creed and inverting the hex value and voila I had $71603.

    The save below has $71887 I've loaded it twice and it's stayed the same. Only problem is there are 6 instances of my cash amount. Thought I'd post it here for an experienced modder to try out and maybe make an editor as I'm off to work now so won't be able to try it out till tomorrow.

    Here's the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1j...q/SaveGame.dat

    I'm gonna try and earn more cash and try it again maybe 11pm UK time or early hours tomorrow before work again.

    Hey all tried again earned more money and got to $94067 and still got 6 instances. There is a modded starter save at level 50 with max money and skill points so my modding is pointless now.

    This thread can be closed now.

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    Re: Watch Dogs Modding

    did it have a checsum ?

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    Re: Watch Dogs Modding

    Probably. I'm only a noob when it comes to hexing and modding. Don't know how to check for a checksum. I know it was a pain getting the game to run probably due to security features ubisoft used to protect their money maker.

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    Re: Watch Dogs Modding

    Lock Thread closed



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