You guys are probably like wtf does this kid want? Well, I need some help. and I didn't know where else to go. So I came here.

Well to start off. I broke my jtag awhile ago, so now I can't make any editors for new games, and just the other day I broke my laptop by spilling water on it!

If you guys could help me by donating to help me get a new laptop so I can start making more programs for you guys!

Just click the button below, any amount is appreciated.



P.S When I do get a new jtag/rgh and laptop. I'm gonna need some requests for editors. I've been running out of ideas :(

Also, I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to post this here. I'm just in need for a new laptop, I'm dying not being able to program.

Hope you guys are able to help me out :)