Next-gen releases get a little 'craftier
We rather liked Terraria. The Minecraft-esque adventure that swapped voxels for pixels might not have enjoyed quite the same success on Xbox 360 as Mojang's monster, but it seems publisher 505 Games have some hope that it might dig a niche on next-gen.
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Size:  37.9 KBPosting on the game's official forum, 505 revealed that the game will be released fully up-to-date (i.e. version 1.2) and include some "brand new functionality". What that entails we don't know, but it seems more information will make its way web-wards after it's been shown off at E3.

As for a release date, we've only got "later in 2014" so far. For an extended taste of what Terraria entails, why not read Aoife's Terraria Diary?