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[YouTube] Fallout 4 - IGN's E3 2014 Hopes
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    Fallout 4 - IGN's E3 2014 Hopes

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    Re: Fallout 4 - IGN's E3 2014 Hopes

    There are a few things I want in the next Fallout..

    Better customization. Fallout 3 and NV had funky looking characters.. my male characters always needed a beard, especially true in NV with it's default double chin and I couldn't make a female character that didn't look like she was a drug user.

    More songs. I get that the old school 50's setting is where the music is but are you telling me from 1950 - 2077 in the Fallout Universe not one other song was created after the 1950's? And what about in 200-250 years since the bombs dropped.. has everyone just stopped singing? They can still broadcast but nobody bothers to have live music!

    More perks.. I found perks to be useless up until a certain level in both 3 and NV.

    I don't care, graphically, where the game goes but it'd be nice to see it evolve past 3 and NV.. I think I remember reading somewhere that Three Dog's Voice Actor is part of the next Fallout so that should be fun.

    On Topic with the video, I can give or take Vats.. it was nice because you don't have the 'accuracy' of the original Fallout and Fallout 2 but I found myself relying on it too much in 3 and NV.

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    Re: Fallout 4 - IGN's E3 2014 Hopes

    i only ever played the first Fallout and i thought it was okay so i never tried the others, i may get the 4th but probably not
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