Coming in July, prepare to be smote
After saying "no we won't" and then "maybe we will do Dark Souls 2 DLC, three new chapters have been announced for From Software's punishing RPG. Also, the past tense for 'smite' is 'smote', not 'smited'.

Called 'The Lost Crowns trilogy', you'll explore and fight through new areas of the world against new enemies small and very large, while conquering what the press release calls "diabolic challenges".
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First up, Crown of the Sunken King, flings you off to retrieve the crowns of Dark Souls boss King Vendrick, and you'll be traipsing through underground caverns to find it. Get your hands on it after battling past the guards that will be protecting the treasure and you'll be bestowed with a headpiece that "holds the strength of lords from times long past".

Crown of the Old Iron King takes you to a tower shrouded by black mist, where the pathways are designed to deceive you amongst the flames and smoke. The final chapter, Crown of the Ivory King, changes the weather and location again. You'll fight enemies that draw their power and "esoteric abilities" from the freezing storms that whip around an ancient tower, having to contend with low visibility on the way.

You can subject yourself to this challenge/punishment starting from July. Crown of the Sunken King goes on sale in Europe and Australasia on July 22, Crown of the Old Iron King is out August 26 and Crown of the Ivory King on September 23. A local Namco Bandai rep couldn't confirm pricing on individual chapters or the season pass, so stay tuned.