Last decade's game design meets this decade's visuals
A new video of Halo 2 Anniversary in action on Xbox One has surfaced online - or dropped from orbit, rather, like Master Chief mounting an unplanned orbital re-entry. The footage is badged "work in progress", so don't necessarily throw a wobbly over the state of the textures for the moment. I think it looks pretty handsome, myself.

You can read more about the new Halo via our Halo: The Master Chief Collection preview. In theory, it's a stopgap to whet your appetite while you wait for Halo 5: Guardians - there will be a public beta for the latter in December, which you'll get access to when (if?) you buy the Collection in November.

In practice, this is quite enough Halo to be going on with for the rest of the Xbox One's life: four entire games, comprising 60 hours of campaign content and over 100 multiplayer maps, with updated, 1080p/60fps visuals and dedicated servers. Your wallet, purse and/or relevant money-holding apparatus will thank you. Your thumbs may not.