t'll be different to the PS4 version, though
If you're feeling left out of the current Battlefield Hardline beta, don't be: there'll be a version coming to Xbox ahead of the game's arrival in stores, containing content that's different from the one currently being played on PC and PS4.

"We will have a beta on on all platforms before release," DICE's General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson confirmed to us during an interview at E3. "But it won't be this beta on Xbox. It's not going to be the same version, just to be clear."

He didn't reveal when this would happen or how long it would last, but there's plenty of room to get it out: the game's not out until October 21st. Something around Gamescom, perhaps?
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Size:  52.6 KBDICE is making a point of getting the game to players early in part to avoid the technical issues that plagued the launch of last year's Battlefield 4. "We basically have code in the hands of players already, here at E3. We've never done that before," said Troedsson. "We do it both because we want their feedback of course, but also because in the background we are testing various things. We're going to continue doing more tests like this."