Title update 3 also released, includes multiple 360 improvements
It's already available for Xbox One and PC, but Titanfall DLC pack Expedition, which adds the three new maps Swampland, Runoff and War Games, finally drops for the Xbox 360 today.

"With this release we will also roll out Game Update #3 as a free download that includes Private Matchmaking updates, Custom Loadout Names, Last Game Summary Improvements and much more for our Xbox 360 community," says the official Titanfall blog on the release. You can read the full list of Update 3 improvements, like custom load-out names and a new chat icon, here. Expedition for 360 hasn't appeared on Xbox Live just yet, but will start cropping up at some point later today.
Expedition is the first of three planned Titanfall content packs, which you can nab with either a season pass or individually for $9.99 (around £6). Have you picked it up for Xbox One or PC yet? We'll update this piece as soon as the Xbox 360 version is live.