Kickstarter behemoth could be on its way to Xbox One
Have you played the original Superhot prototype? If not, I really must insist you do so. Look, here it is, it takes, like, 15 minutes to finish. I'll just wait here.
There you go! Wasn't that fun? Wouldn't you love an entire game's-worth of that wonderful central conceit? If you don't know what I'm referring to, you are a) not heeding my instructions and, b) about to learn what I'm referring to. Superhot is a minimalist first person shooter, with a core mechanic that's described by its creators thusly: "time moves only when you move". That's not quite true - time actually moves very, very slowly, giving you some incentive to think on your chrono-feet - but it turns an incredibly fast-paced genre into a brilliantly contemplative one.

And now the full game (which includes bullet-chopping katanas) could well come to your Xbox One. Despite being planned only for PC, Mac and Linux, Superhot's "graphics guy", Jakub Ziembinski, used a Reddit AMA to say he was "positive" it would come to consoles after the initial release had been sorted. That could be down in part to its ludicrously successful Kickstarter campaign - it raised its $100,000 goal in 24 hours, before raising $250,000 all told.

All together now: SUPER. HOT. SUPER HOT. SUPER. HOT.