Multiplayer still absent, however
Ubisoft's side-scrolling, 2.5D platform racer, Trials Fusion, has received its first update that introduces tournaments and also highlights the ten best user-created tracks. You'll find those in Track Central.

Tournaments in Trials games traditionally string together a bunch of tracks one after the other, accumulating your times and retries and ranking your pitiful efforts against your mates, and the world. Each tourney is only active for a finite amount of time, and bestows XP, rider parts and in-game cash depending on your overall rank. There are multiple tournaments to choose from, too, across three difficulty settings.

This update is entirely distinct from the season pass, which can be bought separately and will introduce six new pieces of content, like new tracks, bits for your two- and four-wheeled machines of awesome and wealth of clothes and other crazy crap to go wild with in the level editor.

However, there's still no word on the multiplayer, which RedLynx has only said it will patch in after launch. Any time you like.

In our Trials Fusion review we said it was "utterly good-looking" and gave it a very sound 8 out of 10.