Hey 360Haven,

I need a PS3 Dark Souls Save, because Jappi88 is letting me make a TUT video on all the features and how to use his Dark Souls 2 Save Editor.

I want to cover the PS3 side of the editor (I know There is no difference between a 360 and PS3 save when it comes to modding them with the Dark Souls 2 Editor). I just want to have one to show the PS3 save users (Who are new) what it will look like and see the aspects of a ps3 save being modded
Because i only have a Xbox 360.

-I would prefer a legit save with 1 or 2 characters on it, but it can be more characters or mild modding done to it.
- A perfect save would be a brand new save with 2-3 brand new characters, but any save will do.
-Please by any chance don't let it be a mega start or Mega Mule. I don't want a heavily modded save ,I want them to see the changes.
----Plus last time i used a mega mule. The save editor had issues with it----

The faster i can get a save, the faster i can start and finish the Video TUT, Because i am running late on finishing. :)

Any person who is able to give a PS3 save that fits this Criteria will be mentioned and given credit in the video! :)