Christmas disputes come earlier every year
Christmas is designed to make us better people, a season in which you're forced into a small space with your loved ones, play multiplayer games and overeat. It's brilliant, obviously. For businesses, however, the time of jingles brings only the jangles of nerves, as well-planned release schedules come to fruition. Microsoft wants to make sure its Christmas is as merry as possible.

Writing on Xbox Wire, Microsoft announced that Xbox One would offer the largest and most critically acclaimed (using their 60 nominations and 25 wins in press awards at E3 as a metric) lineup of titles come this Holiday season, and included some handy lists to show you just how that would be the case:
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Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer added: "Congratulations to the creators who are receiving broad acclaim for the games shown at E3. We saw an incredible display of games at E3 from across the industry and we're thrilled gamers will have such a wide selection available this year on Xbox One. Xbox One is the only place you can play these games along with creative independent titles and blockbusters - making gaming on Xbox One unmatched this holiday."

It's no doubt a packed list (although we would point out that Sunset Overdrive is on it twice - oops) - why not see how it tallies with our rundown of the most important Xbox One exclusives of E3 2014?