A new generation must die for the Emperor. Form an orderly queue.
Cyanide Games and Focus Home Interactive have confirmed that Space Hulk: Deathwing, Streum On Studio's Unreal Engine-powered adaptation of the Space Hulk boardgame, will release on Xbox One. A Warhammer 40k game that's also a first-person shooter? I know, I know - such disgusting heresy. Were I in charge of a squad of the Imperium's finest, it would be my unpleasant yet gratifying duty to have those responsible incarcerated and tortured. But seeing as I'm not, and seeing as there are Genestealers on the prowl, you might as well watch the latest trailer.

The game casts you as a Librarian of the Deathwing, wielder of Psykic energies and crude, devastating weapons - not to be confused with the librarian at your local leisure centre, wielder of ballpoint pens and criminally out-of-date archiving software. Check out the shoulder pads!

Deathwing takes place aboard one or more of the titular hulks - ancient leviathans packed with secrets, arcane technology and the aforesaid Genestealers, who are basically xenomorphs with eyes. Weapons include Storm Bolters, Assault Cannons, Force Swords and Power Fists. Players will earn Fervor Points in battle that can be spent on four skill trees to unlock new abilities and guns.

There doesn't appear to be a release date yet. Check out some screenshots below.
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