New characters! Brought to you by your friends at Aquafina FlavorSplash!!!
Like some radioactive greenhouse during an episode of the Twilight Zone, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare continues to sprout downloadable features and functions. Tomorrow, Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will lay hands on the Tactical Taco Party Pack, which includes a new map, mode and playlist, plus additional character variations and co-op challenges.

The map is Jewel Junction, where the zombies have been caught red-handed mining gems to finance their war efforts. There's a mining train to worry about. The new mode is Vanquish Confirmed, and the playlist supports up to eight players a side and spans all competitive game modes including Gardens & Graveyards.
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ID:	15262The new character variants are sponsored by Aquafina FlavorSplash, which is, as you may deduce, a softdrink firm. They are the Berry Shooter, a "blue, berry-boosted beauty [that] deals extra splash damage with a slower rate of fire", and the Citrus Cactus, who enjoys "slinging orange wedges with a three-round burst".

Catch the trailer below.