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[News] Here’s The Yokai Watch 2 Nintendo Direct Presentation For You To Watch, Along With In
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    Here’s The Yokai Watch 2 Nintendo Direct Presentation For You To Watch, Along With In

    Nintendo Japan held a special Nintendo Direct presentation for the forthcoming Yokai Watch 2 this morning. If you missed it then Nintendo has uploaded the full event on YouTube. As you would expect the event is in Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped NeoGAF user L-A from publishing key information from the event.

    What is Youkai Watch?

    Youkai hidden everywhere
    Youkai have an effect on people, make them do weird stuff
    Explain battle system
    Make a wheel turn
    Use touch screen to launch special attacks
    Use it to revive Youkai too
    Can make friends with Youkai
    Fuse medals to make new Youkai

    Sakura New Town

    Explore the town, like as a child
    Lots of places to go to, like forest and more
    Fun things to do
    Do stuff like in real life (crossing roads by pressing button, etc…)

    YW2 new stuff

    Same town as first game
    Can take a train to go to some places
    Seaside town, with boats and a beach
    Countryside town, with rice fileds, a farm, a river and more
    Can take the bus too
    Can get stamps of the various places by train

    New Youkai showcase

    Matenshi : looks angry
    Onigirizamurai: looks like an onigiri, very powerful
    Nechikaeru : frog, use water attack
    Lots of new Youkai

    Jibanyan, real star of the show

    KO in one hit
    Bike racing, new mini-game
    Youkai blocking the view to annoy you
    Fox procession, mimic their movement so as to avoid getting spotted
    Billboard with quests
    Secret tunnel which leads to unexpected places, change every day
    Player get a box, never open it. Fart all the time if you open it.
    Can climb to poles
    Get a great view
    You’re not the only one doing it
    Old man farts then drop down

    This town looks different > go back in the past

    New trailer
    Dekanyan, has a mystery
    Character which looks just like Keita
    Fight to “defend the world”

    Internet play

    Youkai watch busters, playable with 4 players
    Defeat Youkai in action game

    2 different versions, with original quests, rare items, and some special Youkai

    Special Jibanyan medal in the packaging
    Download version too get special Youkai (Robot versions of Jibanyan)
    Played YW1? Get Buchinyan
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    Re: Here’s The Yokai Watch 2 Nintendo Direct Presentation For You To Watch, Along Wit

    not a game i would get but still nice share Serious
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