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Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave
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    Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    Hi all,

    Been getting a bit of post looking for the updated ver of my old hacked save


    This will give you all the 10* MG parts i think. It will also give you all the modules, but you will need to remove it from your storage and then add the items in from the top, otherwise your game will freeze.

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    Re: Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    Nice, but I have trouble to do mission 3, I am stuck to the limit 368/200.

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    Re: Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    Its saying you have 368/200 parts to build. You need to build them, move to storage, and continue building until you lower it.

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    Re: Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    So I need to beat Mission 3 so the MG parts show up? Because my parts are empty.

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    Re: Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    This is a Great game save, i used the old ver.
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    Re: Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    So the description on what I need to do to avoid my game freezing is a little...useless. Please tell me exactly what it is I need to do.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Awesome save by the way.

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    Re: Gundam Breaker Updated Gamesave

    Yeah I was having the same problem after grabbing mod from storage it still froze any help would be great I love this save!



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