Port "wasn't a priority" but certainly isn't out of the question
Joe's off sick today, which is why he isn't writing this news piece about the possibility of a new skateboarding game on Xbox One, which is why this news piece doesn't consist entirely of exclamation marks and crude ASCII pictures of bottles of champagne. Speaking to GamingBolt, Roll7 has suggested that an Xbox One version of its acclaimed board 'em up OlliOlli is very much up for consideration.

"Never say never I guess!" the developer's director Simon Bennett told the site. "To be honest it just wasn't a priority, Sony have supported us on VITA and then again on PS4 so we have been busy getting those working super tight before thinking about anything else. Now they are finished though, definitely watch this space!"

Roll7 is already working with Xbox One - the developer's Not A Hero, billed as "the greatest 2D cover-based indie shooter of all time ever", will release in fall 2014. Gamasutra's Mike Rose has kindly put together a Let's Play. There you go - two new Xbox One indie titles to consider in one news post. Happy, Joe?
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