Update: It's UK-only for the moment
There's just over 24 hours to go till the Destiny Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta. All preparations are now complete. Aoife has retreated to Manchester, supposedly for work reasons but actually in order to escape the blast radius when Joe's home-grown Hype-O-Meter goes nuclear. Ed is writing about himself in the third person, the better to control his own volatile emotions. Jonty was last seen trying to flag down an imaginary Star Destroyer.

How are your own preparations coming along? Got your beta key ready? If not, don't despair - Microsoft has a number to give away on social media. Simply RT this and like this for a chance at gaining entry on Xbox One, or RT this and like this if you'd rather play on Xbox 360. Alas, the offer is only open to residents of the UK right now - hopefully, it'll migrate to other territories as the day wears on. You'll also need to be 18 years old or over to qualify for consideration.

The giveaway runs from 22nd July to 23rd July 2014. Full terms and conditions can be read here. Once you've secured a key and finished the obligatory victory lap of Texas, read our round-up of the key details.
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