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dark souls 2 save editor
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    dark souls 2 save editor

    hi to all thats viewing this thread... first of all i am so happy that jappi fixed the dave editor but i have been having a little problem and i wanted to ask others if they have had the same problem,

    everything works great in the editor but as soon as i take dlc items out of the ignored trashcan part of the editor and after i successfully add them and leaving the 'prevent dlc item' unchecked, i go to load in my game which loads but then my whole console freezes and i have to turn my console off- im on xbox 360 btw.

    so heres what i did, i re edited my save and i removed all dlc items except the ones i know i can add as you can get them in the new dlc area of ds2. and... my game loaded up perfectly fine and no freezing... so i now know that those dlc items from the ignored trashcan are causing my game to freeze but has anyone else been having this problem?

    i was really wanting the dlc magics, the mask, a few dlc weapons and there was a talisman where you can be a fake undead :p was looking forward to using it lol
    oh and them other dlc rings too...

    if you have had this problem let me know so i at least know im not the only one having this issue.

    i'd also appreciate if somebody can confirm what these dlc items are? like are they a glimpse of the next upcoming dlc stuff? or are they dlc items that the dev was going to add to dlc pack but for some reason didnt?

    ok, thats all thanks for reading! please get back to me :)

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    Re: dark souls 2 save editor

    not working for me



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