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t is, of course, impossible for a major game to come out without a Limited Edition variant these days. Much like the classed carriages on steam trains of old, it's a way for us to both find others befitting of our time, and to physically differentiate ourselves from those unworthy of our attentions. And, like those trains, the more classes you have, the more important you are - which is why Halo: The Master Chief Collection just got two more, presumably.
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Size:  48.7 KBThe Limited Edition comes with the traditional steelbook case, a map book, containing cartographical rundowns of every Halo location and the Grunt Funeral DLC skull, which, when activated, turns grunt kills into confetti explosions. It'll set you back £52.99.

The more dramatically named MJOLNIR edition comes in at £169.99 and includes all of the above, plus a near foot-tall Artfx Master Chief statue, with interchangeable arms, limited articulation of the head and waist (presumably for power armour realism) and a Battle Rifle for good measure.

If you want to know why you might be needing that map book in particular, why not check out every single one of the maps included in the Collection?