Leaked image pins release for 14th October
Respected GTA alternative and Hong Kong-based head-kicking sim Sleeping Dogs is coming to Xbox One, according to a leaked Amazon listing picked up by GamingEverything. "Rebuilt" for next generation consoles, the game's Definitive Edition apparently includes all DLC released for the Xbox 360 game, worth $85.

It's down for release on 14th October 2014, assuming the listing is legit, and will be Square Enix's second "Definitive" port - Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider made the leap earlier this year. Presumably there will be More Graphics, too.

OXM's much-missed associate editor Jon Blyth handed Sleeping Dogs a 9/10 in 2012, commenting that "it's shorter than GTA IV, for sure, but it's also much sweeter". I've yet to complete the game, much as I enjoy it - if memory serves, undercover cop Wei Shen has been standing on a random houseboat now for around 18 months. Sorry, Wei.

Preorder the DE and you'll supposedly receive Limited Edition packaging and a 28-page artbook (or, depending on how you intepret the wording, Limited Edition packaging for a 28-page artbook). Tempted?
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